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Stalk or Peek, you are welcome to my gallery! Full of original stuffs, Adventure Time, Writing stuffs and comics (SCREAM KINGS) and a current fanfiction, REACHING FOR YOU!

Yesh, guys, im a fiolee fan as well as davejade fan annnd, a respectful shipper to any kind of shipping that I, myself dont have in my list




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Danielle M.
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Hey pepz...I have moved to :icondorkousgal: uvu;;
  • Listening to: Romeo and Juliet (S.O.A.P) and MA
  • Reading: Two more months or so for Mark of Athena...
  • Watching: KURAGEHIME IS THE BEST! Still watching SAO tho.
  • Playing: Mass Effect series <3 (I NEED TO FINISH IT DAMN
  • Eating: Noodles, nom nom nom nom <3
  • Drinking: Ice Coffee Latte :I ....Just cuz.
Once 12 am, 12.12.12 strikes.

I will moved into :icondorkousgal: once its strike 12!

Now I have to make a quick writing lmao.

First of all, my two hiatus stories? Well, I can't finish them as I have watched AT and it overwhelming me :( but I still watch Adventure Time but the canon stuffs give coming in soo yep!

"The Reaching For You" was based on my old fanfic that I revamp. Well, to begin with these two (Marshall and Fionna) thinking about their mutual feelings and that fact was the same day when they found a red stone.

The red stone is supposely connection between Marshall and his own past but after watching "I Remember You", I stop writing my ideas on his past, one reason for that. But to be honest, the red stone was to be connected by his father, and that his father is a guardian along with Fionna's foster mother, Joan (Cake's actual mother) => because of the family sword is mostly likely to be red ruby, which is related to the red stone.

The red stone was too powerful and easily can kill a human if touched but Fionna's lucky. As you see, I was going to write where Marshall was giving that red stone to her as a present since he didn't prepare for that except for the 'waiting adventure before party' plan he did with Cake.

In the middle of the story was suppose to be where the main villian appears who I forgot his name but I think it was Shade, the name I never actually write it down before IRU episode came out.

Because at the end, Fionna save him by the red stone because Fionna's blood was too powerful that it surpass the red stone's power and giving that power to Fionna to save Marshall. Of course after that, they got married in a few years later and bear a child whose named was Marcie.

"SCREAM KINGS" was a romance story about Fionna and Marshall except they can't remember each other because of the spell made by unknown character who I haven't created at that point. These two were childhood friends but when they meet which I was suppose to add chapter two but ugh, episodes came out before i even started on the pages! So yeah, and well, the rest is like normal, they get to know each other, and slowly remember each fragment they're glowing for each other. Then at the end, these two are now dating. There were actually challenges such as LSP, Ashley (Ex GF of Marshall Lee) and "DRAMA STUFFS". :(

Oh FYI, Fionna's unseen family contains Cake (her distant cousin), Pen (Her brother who teaches in her new high school), and Finn (Her twin brother) are the characters I was going to draw during the end of chapter one :( Sorry!

For the groups I still going to join the same ones except I only choose FEW ones to be watched because my inbox is like...A LOT omfg. Anyway, for AU-Group I really want to continue to write and help this group but sadly, due to my progression of being a teenager in high school...well, yep. But I have to see if I can STILL join but need to ask them first, yay!;;

Now on the new account, once I start joining and stuffs, there's going to be random original artwork made by me sooner or anytime, then homestuck fanart and adventure fanart at the same time but in different folders so I can keep it neat than messy! :) So does writing lmao. I also wanted to post photos I took so far, well just SOME but in the future I will, hehe...soo I guess that's all I could say in my last journal!

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